Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review: A Million Little Ways

Are you a book person? I have always been a reader, but I used to love fiction. These days it's hard to find fiction books that are up my alley. I stick with my classics and faves and re-read them when I need some down time in my brain. The rest of the time I tend to read Christian non-fiction. I read A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman recently and found it to be such a gentle reminder to just rest in what God created me to be. Just being that is glorifying to God when we do it from a place of authenticity. 

You were made in the secret place, woven together on purpose with threads made from sacred longings that come not only from you but from the heart of God - he wove you together with a personality and you bring your own you-ness to the table. 

Emily discusses how to figure out your calling, how you know, what to do if you don't particularly enjoy your calling, doubting yourself and much more. She writes that people are basically God creating art. Making us in His own image. And then our job as creations, expressions of God, is to create. Not necessarily art on canvas, but really in all aspects of your life. I am, however, a literal painter, so the whole thing was particularly special for me. I started cutting out some of my favorite sentences and using them in my art!

I know a lot of us struggle with our place and calling. Believe me, y'all! I know this. If you're interested in this topic, I so think this is a great read. But if you're really looking into it, I ADORE Edie's thoughts on vocation (try this and this) and she always gives great resources. Check them out.


  1. yes! needed this. i've got to get that book:)

  2. I loved that book too! Alison- you can totally borrow my copy if you want! ;) LOVE that painting Beth! Beautiful!