Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Fresh Perspective on Food: Guest Post by Molly Swanson

You've already heard from my sweet friend, Molly once on this blog, but we just had to bring her back to talk about her fresh perspective on food. I have been trying to make changes in my diet, but Molly has totally taken it to a new level. She is my new foodie inspiration, and I love it when she shares her wisdom with me. One thing that she said to me at the beginning of her journey was how incredible it is that God has given us a way to heal our bodies through food- and it's the truth! She has opened my eyes to so much! My dad recently had heart surgery, and the doctor has told him the incredible benefits of veganism. It reverses heart disease and diabetes- two major conditions that run in my family.. God has given us the very essential and basic things to heal ourselves. How amazing is that? I'll let Molly tell the rest.. Her enthusiasm is inspiring! 

A couple years ago, my idea of a vegetable was a french fry and fruits were hardly ever found in my fridge. This year, my favorite snack is a mango and I LOVE eating vegetarian and vegan meals sometimes too! What changed? God has opened my eyes to a NEW THING! A fresh perspective on food. 

It has been a slow, but lovely and romantic journey. Well, let me explain....

About a year ago, I remember walking through the produce section of the grocery store with NEW eyes... all of these beautiful vegetables and fruits are so colorful, full of unique textures and shapes, and each one offers different nutrients and good stuff for your health! I really felt like God opened my eyes to see the beauty in what He created and why. I excitedly started researching veggies and fruits as I bought them... what does this flowered broccoli have to offer? How do you cook an elegantly deep purple eggplant? What vitamins are in these tiny clustered blackberries?! The more I researched, the more I discovered how amazing God made all of these little wonders! A colorful variety for each meal gives you what you need to be healthy. Why had I never realized this before?! God could have created a little pill that we could take each day for all that we need, void of beauty, flavor or enjoyment. Instead, He made these beautiful ways to enjoy food and get what our body needs each day. 

I know it may seem silly, but I began to feel so very LOVED! God created these beautiful, natural foods for me to enjoy and experience more of Him through His creation. Eating more fruits and veggies has made me feel better and given my body more energy and life! It has been so fun to experiment with more "plant-based" recipes and I like to choose at least one new fruit or veggie to test out each week. A few new favorites I would never have thought to pick up a year ago.... ginger root, mango, & lime! I've never been so excited to cook! 

I'm still learning about nutrition and I don't always make the best choice, but I'm enjoying the journey and I'm seeing food in a new way.

How could you start seeing food in a new way? Here are a few ideas:

- Pray for God to give you a fresh perspective and wisdom on your food journey.
- Learn what fruits and veggies offer your body! This will make you more excited to eat them.
- Start a Pinterest board of recipes to try! You are welcome to use mine for a start here
- Experiment with making your favorite meals vegetarian or vegan (it's fun!)
- Follow some lovely cooking blogs! These are my favorites:, &
- Take pictures of your meals or of the fresh veggies you try. This will help you see the beauty!
- Enjoy a new fruit or veggie each week to keep you experimenting.

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  1. thanks for posting. i totally needed some veggie inspiration! off to check out your pinboards.