Hey there, and welcome! So glad you popped in! If you're new here, allow us to introduce ourselves and what-in-the-world we do here.

We are Alison and Beth. We gave a lot in common. We are both Jesus gals, curly girls, crafty chicks, and photographers. We also both share a deep love for all women and the entire continent of Africa.

And though we are a lot alike, everybody's got their own little quirks that are quite telling about them. Here are some of ours.

Hi there! I'm Alison. I'm a big fan of adventures big or small. I adore all things vintage, floral and granny fabulous. I'm a lover of pretty pictures, DIY projects and I'm pretty sure Instagram is my love language. I'm also a firm believer that music sounds better on vinyl. One of these days I'm going to pack up my cute 1962 Shasta camper and be a vagabond.

Hey! I'm Beth, and I can't possibly write a bio in third person. Sorry, I've tried. Um... something telling... I am a homebody, but I quite like that. New things freak me out. I like anything that sparkles, and pretty much anything freshly baked. I have a strange fascination with old ladies and also folk music. I truly believe you can't know someone until you've seen their pinboards.
S H O P  //  P I N T E R E S T  //  I N S T A G R A M

It's so very nice to meet you. Just so you know, if you stick here much longer you might find inspiring devotionals one day and a jam recipe the next. That's how we roll. But if that sounds fun, come hang out and we'll make a neat little online party every day.

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