Monday, February 3, 2014

Living Life as Art.

If you can't tell already, Beth and I get a little giddy to live our lives as art. I know what you're thinking.. We've totally lost it and that doesn't make any sense. Just track with us for a second..

Of course we know that our Heavenly Father is the ultimate creator.. I'm telling you, there's literally nothing I am  more in awe of than a crazy gorgeous sunset or spending time in the mountains. Sometimes I secretly think He's created that just for me. But I also think there's also nothing more inspiring than creating for Him. I've walked away from photo shoots or stepped back from my art journal countless times and thought- now THAT was worship. He's given us all gifts and talents that look so incredibly different. What about those of you who don't think you're a creative? Cooking an incredible meal, thinking outside of the box for new ways to play with your kids, journaling, taking instagram pictures of your feet (Am I the only one?) decorating, picnics in the park with your friends, painting, selecting colors or outfits, intentionally loving on people.. I could think of a thousand others, but I'll spare you. That's living your life as art! All of this to say- He's designed us in His image, friends. 

I want to challenge you this week. Think of the ways you live your life as art, however big or small and report back to us. We have a fancy schmancy Instagram account.. You can even hashtag- #thebelovedsociety to see what others in our little growing community are up to. We are excited to build a place to inspire, create relationships and encourage each other. Who is with us?! 


  1. I LOVE this - living my life as art - gotta write that down!! That last photo is just stunning -oh, and how is that quilt coming along??

    1. thank you, friend! you're a great example of it, you know! oh gosh, i've misplaced pieces (lots of pieces) of it. so now i'm just devastated and haven't worked on it since!