Friday, January 31, 2014

Jacob's Scarves Giveaway

Hey Loves,

Today I'm tickled to introduce you to a little gem I found last week, Jacob's Scarves. You know how sometimes you have to sell (or buy) something cheesy for a fundraiser? It's ok. I've done it too. Maybe an ill-fitting t-shirt or something like that. It's cool because you're really just trying to contribute to a good cause, so you go ahead and buy it and use it for a paint shirt or whatever. Well, I just want to let you know that this is not the case with Jacob's Scarves. Not at all. I got mine yesterday and it's the softest, most luxurious scarf I own and I'll be buying several more. In fact, this one's coming out soon and I'm all over it.

or maybe this one...

Tough call, really. 

Anyway, the scarves are lovely. But actually what draws me is there mission. I'll let their founder, Kiri, tell you about it.

Jacob is a four-year-old boy I came to know while I was teaching English in Zhongshan, China. His parents cut jeans for a living, making a pittance for hours upon hours of tedious, tiring labor. Only one boy in Zhongshan’s teeming mass of millions, Jacob is burdened with anonymity, hopelessness, and poverty.
When I met him, I immediately fell in love, who wouldn't with his contagious smile? I knew I needed to help him. I also knew that the English language was a key that can help him and others rise above their circumstances and build a meaningful, successful life.
So, I started Jacob’s Scarves. We are a for-profit company with a philanthropic mission. We sell high quality, high-fashion scarves to pay Jacob’s tuition at a top-tier English-speaking school.
Jacob’s Scarves was started for Jacob, but my dream is to build it to fund the education of more and more students of all ages as time goes on. Scarves are so immensely popular worldwide, what if purchasing a scarf could become more than a fashion statement? Jacob’s Scarves aims to make this simple, timeless accessory into a symbol of support for educational opportunity.

So, I just wanted to share since we're getting all springy now. I just loved the company and the scarves themselves, so you know I gotta share. And Kiri has been kind enough to gift the Mustard Yellow Fringe Infinity to one of you guys. Mustard is so perfect year round. Love it. So, go ahead and enter here. We'll draw next Wednesday. 

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