Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Few of Our Favorite Things

So, this is kind of a Getting-To-Know-You week around here, since we're all new and everything. We have a whole About page if you're truly interested in who these chicks are, but I kind of thought maybe it would be more fun to tell you about our favorite things. They really tells you more about a person, anyway, right?

Two Things That Are Utterly Ridiculous That Beth Sincerely Loves

1. Glamping. I understand that it's a pain to put a bed in a tent and that it may be silly to decorate that tent with bunting, but whatever.

2. Hunter Boots. Really expensive rubber boots. Why? Because of all that outdoor woodsman type activity that I do? Ha! Laughable. You should see me try to explain to my husband that owning these rubber boots is a fashion statement and not a declaration of me wanting to dig trenches or chop wood. 

Two Things That Beth Sincerely Cares About

1. Reading. Every day.

2. Child Sponsorship. In fact, my husband and I coordinate sponsorship of an Ethiopian community and would be delighted if you'd like to learn more about it. Also, my soul can't rest until Zebebe and her little buddies find sponsors. Out of our community of 86 kids, only 4 little girls have no sponsors. Come on... you know she's adorable! Find out more about our work with Children's Hope Chest here.

Two Things That Inspire Alison

1. Travel. I can't tell you how many ideas have come from a random road trip with friends, soaking up the culture of Ethiopia or Italy, or the days of sitting on the bus in Rwanda with my ipod in soaking in all the beauty of the green hills and trees. It doesn't matter if it's a quick, unplanned trip a few hours away to Marfa, TX or a well thought out vacation. Being submersed in a new culture fascinates me. It's just beautiful to me that we are all so completely different, yet the same somehow. New textiles, colors, smells, foods, languages, traditions intrigue me. It brings out the biggest sense of wonder and gets my creative brain going.

2. Sharing life with friends. I lived in Rwanda for a little over a year, and moved back to the states in July. I had five fabulous roommates (Two American, Three Rwandan.) and I loved our little life so much there. One thing I desperately missed while I was there was community. Since I've been home, God has loved me so well by blessing me with so many people to dream with, be real with and who encourage me every day. I leave coffee dates, picnics, baking days and weekends away with the besties feeling full to the brim. They make life pretty darn sweet.

Two Things That Alison Geeks Out Over

1. The Meyers Briggs Personality Test. Y'all. We just can't be friends without you taking it, telling me your results and hashing out what parts of it really ring true or not. i may or may not have read my results to my bestie while we were in a movie one time because i was so excited. #geek 

ps. i'm an INFP

2. Buying handmade. Let's be honest, etsy & storenvy are my loves in life, and I seriously spend hours and hours on them just to find pretty things. Also, I feel like giving a handmade gift just makes the world a better place. Maybe I'll share my favorite shops soon.. Sometimes I'm kind of secretive about those, though. :) 

See? Now you know what makes us tick. Your turn! Something I should know about you. The kind of thing that really says something... 

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