Friday, February 14, 2014

And Now Can We Discuss Your Underwear Situation?

Hey gals! Today we're just going there. We need to talk about your underwear. Ladies, let me applaud you if you bought panties within the last 2 years. Hats off to you if you have kept your lingerie drawer fresh and fun. You can go now if that's you. I'll talk to you later! *Bye!*

Ok... are those girls gone now? So it's just us? OK, let's talk about this. Girl. Nothing makes you feel brand new like new undies. How in the world I can justify this?... I have no idea. But somewhere along the line I had children. Multiple children. I took my body, made it giant with a baby, got it back to normal, got it giant with a baby again, and then got it normal again.... all while wearing the same underwear. They were lace, so hey... lace is pretty. Lace is sexy. But lace does not stretch well. The same pair of underwear should not be fine plus or minus 60 pounds. They were ratty and stretched and ill fitting. All stringy from getting stuck washed with velcro bibs.

Lingerie is a somewhat similar story. I've been married for 11 years, and pretty much the last time I walked into Victoria's Secret was right around my bachelorette party time. Again, time has past, babies have happened. That fresh faced gal no longer resides in this body, and that's ok. That happens. I didn't think I would stay 22 forever and I certainly have not. But the thing is, those kinky, strappy numbers are just silly now, so I never ever wear them. I am often extremely self conscious about my flaws and there is really now way I'm going to squeeze all that into something.

So... it's time for an update. Not a muumuu. But maybe the next generation of lingerie. Did you know that once I upon a time I was a pretty rockin' boudoir photographer? True story. So I know all the little tips, I just don't apply them. But let me offer you some suggestions. I'm pulling off the rack from Target here, OK, cause Victoria's Secret freaks me out. If you like it, go for it.

Single ladies, you need cute sleep stuff and underwear too. Don't think you're off the hook!

Gals with thinner legs can adorably rock the short shorts. It should probably go without saying, but I'll go ahead and say it. If fuller thighs are an issue, let's steer clear of shorts and boy leg type cuts.

If the tummy is a trouble spot, these baby doll types are a easy go-to, and seriously Target has upped their lingerie game. This one's got nice boob support and just floats right over all that you might want to keep covered.

So there ya go. A mission for the weekend. I'm simply asking you to consider when the last time was you bought something flirty for yourself or your man. Maybe instead of ignoring the lingerie drawer we can bring it to our current place in life and make it appropriate. Happy shopping, and see ya Monday!

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