Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beloved Blessings

Hey wildflowers! It's been forever since we blogged here, but it's time. We miss you, we miss blogging, we've got a glampout coming up... it's just time to get back to it and we're so happy! So let's  get to it.

I'd like to introduce you to a new friend of mine, and also a new way to bless each other. Hang with me for a minute.

This is Mandie Joy. Sister in Christ, answering her calling.

Here's her super simplified story. She was called to adopt two little girlies from Uganda.  She also fosters whoever the Lord gives her. She says yes. Right now she's fostering a sibling set of 4 to help keep them together, along with her 2 daughters. So if you're into math, Mama now has six kids. And she's single.

And while all that is admirable, it's not my favorite thing about her. She's so positive, so playful, so obedient, so wise and so open. She has taught me a ton about mothering just by reading her bits of life on Instagram. And so the gist of it is this - she's had to cut back on her work to tend to all the kiddos, so money is tight. And I'd really like to send a bit her way, wouldn't you?

So we're going to do a little fun thing once a month to bless one of our sisters. It's a mail swap. You send happy mail to someone. You get happy mail from someone. Here's how it will work.

1. Head to Paypal and send $5 (or more if you're inclined) to amandajoy313@yahoo.com

2. Email me your address. My email is b.cupitt@yahoo.com. I just need your physical address.

3. On Friday I'm going to send you an email with a few things on it: Your Snail Mail Friends address, our theme this month, Mandie Joy's address, and a list of ways that you can pray for her and her family. I just beg you to send your snail mail by April 17th.

It's going to be fun for you, fun for your Snail Mail Friend, and a blessing to a sweet family. You in?! Great! Be sure and post on Facebook and Instagram. This is definitely a More The Merrier kind of thing! You can find us on Instagram under @thebelovedsociety and the hashtag #belovedblessings.

Want to read more about Mandie Joy? Follow her on Instagram @mandiejoy and @echoesofmercy. She'll be doing a giveaway this week! You could check out her blog. You could also treat yourself to some loveliness from her Etsy shop, Echoes of Mercy.

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