Tuesday, April 1, 2014

41 day is TODAY!

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a little with you about No.41. Maybe you caught that I said I lived in Rwanda last year, and No.41 is why. It's a sewing school, founded by my friend Tara. We took girls (in their early 20's) from the orphanage and local village and taught them the culturally relevant trade of sewing. They make bags, we call our Signature Bags- and now they've expanded into making aprons and Christmas stockings, with some other exciting things in the works:) The profits from their sales go back to them, and also fund a feeding program in our local village. I wrote more about it here, but honestly couldn't process it though words last year, but those are some of the photos I took the day our program started. We thought we would be feeding 250 kids when the whole thing was just starting out- but it kept growing. The day of feeding- it became 870 kids. Today, we're at over 1,100 children who are getting a hot, healthy lunch. (And let me say, it's pretty delicious too. One of our sweet cooks makes sure we eat as well!) 

Today, 41 day is about fasting for the 1,100 children in Rwanda who are eating and would have otherwise gone without. I'm not sure that's even something we can fathom here in the states. Today is about praying (if you're the praying type) for Him to turn our fishes and loaves into full bellies for another year. (And then some..!) 

I know not everyone can GO right now. (Believe me, I'm tying this through tears of the fact that I'm not there right now.) But there are so many ways you can get involved. 

Donate the price of lunch you'd be having today. (25 cents feeds one meal. Yes, really. Skip your $10 lunch and feed 40 meals! Or "take your coworkers out" and donate the price you'd be paying for that meal.) 

Purchase a bag or apron. Our feed bags feed 240 meals, which is the price to feed a student for an entire year, and also provides a sustainable wage for our sweet ladies

Sponsor a child for a year. $60 covers one student eating a hot, healthy lunch for one full year. 

Contact tara@no41.org for more information on how you can be a campus rep or hold a trunk show. And of course, feel free to email me if you have any other questions at all! (alisonholcomb1@gmail.com)  

Let's feed some kids today!!! 

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