Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Weekly Word

Hey guys! Good morning. So yesterday Alison shared a little bit about our heart with this blog, and I hope you checked that out. Today, I want to just grab your hand and drag you right on in here with us. Picture that, ok? We are all in this together! The last thing we are interested in doing is creating another blog with pretty pictures. I love those blogs, but that's already being done, and probably much better. No, what we are interested in is growth and purpose in this life. In the context of blogs and pins and instagrams and all that, it's nice to see the pretty pictures, but I'm looking for something a little deeper. I want to be someone who not only appreciates other people living well, but does it. 

We promise to stay mostly practical here. But we are going to push you to try something new every now and then, to be what God designed you to be. And we're all going to do it imperfectly, but we're going to do it together. Don't let perfection keep you from throwing a dinner party or buying a fashion-y outfit. Go for it, lady.

 So here's how that works. On Monday, we will tell you our Weekly Word. All week we'll be discussing a topic, and during the week, photograph something that has to do with that word. It's not about perfect photos, it's about community, and all of us living thoughtfully and growing together. And it's supposed to be fun! At some point during the week, connect with us here (in the comments, link up) or in your favorite social media hangout. Instagram and Facebook are probably your best bet for this application. Just tag us with #thebelovedsociety. I can't wait to see what your creative minds come up with.

Oh, you want your weekly word? Hmmm... let's kick off our first week with Beloved. What does it mean to you? To be loved? How do you know you are loved by God?

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