Monday, June 16, 2014

Art School: Sketching Faces

Hey guys! Let's get on with our art girls. Today we're just playing a bit with faces. Get a pencil and remember one thing... the eraser. When something bothers you, just erase it. I have no idea the proper way to draw faces. I did not go to art school. I am a housewife with an eraser. So here we go...

So we start with something like a pointy U, but not quite a V.

And a little neck

And then a shirt/dress. Straight across the neck, then down. This can be painted, colored, or you could use a patterned paper. We'll get to that just a little bit later though. 

So pretend there's a plus sign in the middle of her head. Half way down we do the eyelids. Just little curves for right now. 

And now she needs eyebrows.

Ok, let's not over thing the mouth. And remember your eraser. Remember? Ok. From the eyelids to chin there is another imaginary plus sign. Half way down is our nose. We'll do that in a second. A little below that we do a straight-ish line.

And then a little smaller line underneath.

And now a tiny little mountain range on top. Then connect the lines horizontally. Look! She's shaping up like a person now. 

For the nose, we start a bit below the eyelids and go a little diagonal. Then a little comma on the side. Noses are tricky. Don't go there.

Now let's pick a reasonably part in her hair. Hair covers a lot of forehead, so bring it down. Let's keep it a little free form. Hair is a bit messy too. 

And then the other side of the part. 

Then I bring the hair down a bit. I like to leave some pieces down.

Now from here just practice until you get to a face your happy with. Then go ahead and draw her on the canvas. 

I changed my mind and gave her a braid. :)

See you tomorrow. We'll start painting her!

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