Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog Party

My friend Molly had this idea to have a Midland Blogger Party.. Which I assumed would be me and her and coffee. We do that anyway, so I was down. It turned into more than we expected:) In our little town, you get looked at funny when you say you blog:) We had so much fun decorating- one of my favorite things we made was a watercolor coffee filter banner. If that's not the cutest thing to bring to a coffee house, I don't know what is.

I really just came here to show you some pretty pictures, but I actually got something out of this. Sometimes I don't step out of my comfort zone. I live life with some of the raddest people, so I don't always feel like it's necessary to stretch my introverted ways and engage other people. But, I'm so glad we did. When you're surrounded by likeminded people who probably get the same weird looks when they mention their blog, you just feel a little sense of community. Maybe that's how we will all feel when we tell people we are part of a glampout:) Hope you've signed up, cause it's going to be pretty fabulous. 


  1. What a nice get together and afternoon! :) Love the decorations.

  2. i love it!!!!!! i'm so sad i missed it. love the decor, love all you girls and your hearts! next one ;) i'm there!

  3. It was so fun! Let's do it again! :) Thanks for doing crazy things with me!!!