Monday, March 17, 2014

What's Behind and What's Ahead

So Spring Break went really fast, right?! Now it's just a straight shot to summer break and I am pumped, actually. The kids and myself are going to be at the Farmhouse all summer with Alison. There is, indeed, a husband, but he'll be traveling back and forth and will be gone most of the time. So you'll see a lot more farmhouse repairs, canning of various things, and wild animals on here. I don't have a whole lot of deep meaningful things to share today, so I thought I'd show you my spring break instagrams cause I know you're dying to see them, right? ha.

we took a little road trip to fredericksburg

the kids picked the first bluebonnet of the season. apparently the Farmhouse is a sea of bluebonnets in April, and this week the first ones came up. the kids quickly ran out and picked it. *head smack*

the kids flew kites. a lot. i did too.

we painted a room. this was blue with white sponge paint. 

we had some friends come out. remember the other day when i said come by the farmhouse. well, they did and it was so fun. seriously, we are serious. come by! we'll feed you s'mores and wine.

we "found" a baby bunny. ok, our dog ate this bunny's family. it was very disturbing circle of life stuff. but then we had a bunny and we snuggled it like crazy.

then we "found" another one. and started taking ridiculous pictures of them. and now we're back in houston, bottle feeding the tiny one. they are doing really well and our dog hasn't eaten them. but we have two rabbits. hmmmm.

so that's our spring break in a nutshell.

and now i'm looking ahead. that gray space in between spring break and summer. i've had a taste of freedom from schedules and a bit of sunshine (actually, my first sunburn of the year). i'm really excited about this summer. alison and i have been working hard on getting ready for the glampout (are you coming?!), and will basically be spending all summer getting ready for that. decorating the barn, setting up tents, and planning our weekend with you guys. i'm ready!

but do you know how it goes when you have your own agenda? and God is doing something else? i'm recognizing where God is trying to take me, and i'm curious and, if i'm perfectly honest, a little hesitant. but i know it's all for my good. but God is coaxing me down a path towards wellness. he's already let me know that this summer, for me personally, is going to be teaching me about how to care for my temple and the significance of the temple. not just losing weight (what i usually think of when we go in "temple territory"). but really more of his stance on healthy God-made food, stress relief, beauty, and medicine. so it just might get a little granola around here. 

i'm curious, though. what path is God taking you on? girl, i have been down some scary and intense paths with Him, and this one could be worse. where is he taking you right now? can we be praying for you? let us know! 

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