Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stay at Home Yoga

Hey y'all! I had to tell you about this neat little thing I found. I know our blog has somehow managed to be a hangout for awkward introverts. Ladies, this one's for you... I found a way for you to experiment with yoga and you don't have to leave the house. I know that's been possible forever. I know. But I haven't really found any yoga videos I like until now. I want to introduce you to Jen Hoffman, creator of Stay at Home Yoga.

It's a website with a monthly membership. The first month is free and subsequent months are $7.99. You can cancel at any time if it's not floating your boat. I tried the free month and I'm all in. And here's 7 good reasons why.

1. I can stay at home. Ok, you saw that one coming? But it's actually a biggie, because I'm really self conscious working out in any way in front of other people. Torture.

2. I can do it while the toddler is sleeping. I sort of have to. The other day I tried it while he was awake and I was right in the middle of super-relaxing with a pillow thing over my eye and he came up and sat on my belly. That was not relaxing at all.

3. TONS of options. You can do a quick routine at your desk, in your car, or as part of your teeth brushing routine. Or you can do a long 40 minute deal. Or anything in between.

4. I LOVE this chick. She is so calm, but not cheesy calm. She doesn't ask you to be perfect, just to do a little something. She's gentle and encouraging. And so positive! The relaxation portions have gratitude promptings and things like that.

5. The yoga has really helped my pain. I've got some drama with my hips, but on yoga days I don't hurt so much and I sleep better.

6. She offers preggie variations. I have zero need for this, but I just think it's sweet and thoughtful.

7. I'm super excited about the programs that will be coming out soon! Like, SO excited. Because they include kid yoga and stress relief yoga (amen!). Abby is currently obsessed with yoga. She's such a perfectionist. She wants to do a whole long video with no sibling interruption.

I hope you'll at least give the free month a try if you are at all interested in yoga. Tell us how you like it!

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