Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting the Succulents

Anybody else suffering from a touch of the Winter Blues? February is always just a little tough with it's grayness and our Texas weather is kind of wishy washy. One foot in winter, one foot in spring.  Since spring isn't happening quite yet, I thought I'd go ahead and bring a little outdoors in, and get my garden ready.

I got these fun little pots from Anthropologie to decorate my windowsill. I ordered some clippings from 5 Star Succulents. These are the easiest plants to care for. You literally just shove the clippings into some sandy dirt. Water them just a teensy bit. And then leave them alone forever. The way you may kill them is by watering them. So mostly don't. I just sprinkle a bit on them every week or so. My most successful succulents are entirely ignored.

I do love how they cheer up my windows. Aren't they adorable?! Do you have any tips for beating the Winter Blues?


  1. Oh how I love succulents. I had a bunch of them last year, but the birds destroyed them. We believe it was in retaliation for not refilling the bird feeder quickly enough. :-)

    1. That's hilarious! I didn't even know they did that!