Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Porch Update

The Free Spirit Farmhouse got a little update this weekend. Goodness, it needed some color up in front. My mom tried a bit here with some Christmas decorations a few months ago, but alas, they came down and it was rather nude looking.

We decided on some shutters in blue. I can't stop with the blues. Brandon built them himself. He's so handy. I love that.

So here's an After. I guess it's not really an after, since we still have a lot more to do. So maybe it's a middle? Want to see the cute porch swing zone? That was our project area this weekend!

So we added shutters (OK, so Brandon did that bit), painted the porch swing charcoal, and added these killer pillows. We also made the stinkin' cutest pompom garland ever and strung that baby up. I'm just loving how it's coming along. 

Want to come spend a painting and gardening weekend with us?! Oh, come on! A work weekend looks like fun, right? :)

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